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  • Rebekah May

Table Scraps from The Final Kraut Down

Sooo, I was terrified to do this burger for the sole fact that I've convinced myself since childhood that I detest sauerkraut. To answer your question, no I had never tried it. But lord, I had smelt it. *shudders* That terrible god-awful smell put me off sauerkraut for over 2 and a half decades...but this burger had exactly the catchy title for the week I was looking for. So, I put on my big girl apron and ate the damn sauerkraut.

As you can see from the video, I was avoiding this my whole life for nothing and I realized that I was in fact depriving myself of a very tasty food. Chalk another one up for Bob, that was a great recipe.

As for the black bean burger I used, I'll put the link below again in case you forgot to grab it from the video. This was honestly one of my favorite veggie burgers. Its minimal ingredients and easy execution make it a no-brainer for this lazy vegetarian. It holds together really well so I'm looking forward to testing it on the grill next summer. It's simple but still tastes great plus it's the perfect base for any crazy toppings you want to throw on it. I've made this a few times since filming the video and I definitely think it will make another appearance in a future episode down the line.

I hope you enjoyed the video and found the recipe useful. If you try it out at home, please let me know your thoughts on it :D



Black bean burger: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ree-drummond/black-bean-burger-2593312

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